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Is The Meat You Are Eating Really Kosher?

Find out how we are being fed Non-Kosher meat in the entire USA under our very noses, just as had occured in the city of Crakow 300 years ago.
Rav Shalom Yehuda Gross Shlit"a, the Admor of Holmin has been fighting the war on Kashrut for years trying to tell people the truth about the 'Kosher' meat that they think they are eating. Find out the real Kashrut status in the USA by reading his book "The Twin Towers Meeting - The Kashrut Status in The USA" (email for the free book)
In his writings he explains why it is almost impossible to find Kosher meat nowadays.
Please take these words very seriously, I know the Rav personally and he is one of the few true leaders left in our generation who are not afraid to speak the truth.
You can get his over 1000 sefarim written on all areas of the Torah as well as many letters he has received from many of the Gedolei Yisrael of today and of the past at his website
Please pass this on as well as the attached books to whomever you can. You can also get them printed out and distribute them. May the merit of the many stand for you and may all who assist in this holy work be blessed with health, happiness and ritcheous children, amen.
Below is an excerp from his book "Amalek's Partners - Why You Cannot Find Kosher Meat in the USA" (email for the free book)


And you shall be holy men to me; nor shall you eat any flesh that is torn of beasts
in the field; you shall throw it to the dogs. (SHEMOT 22:30) Rashi comments on
this verse the following: “If you are holy and abstain yourselves from the
repugnancies of Nevelot and Terefot, behold you are Mine, and if not you are not
May it be known that the foundation of Israel's sanctity and purity is their
painstaking observance of the laws of kashrut. We find this stated explicitly in the
Torah at the end of Parshath Shemini (Lev. 11:44)
“For I am the L-rd your G-d, and you shall sanctify yourselves and be holy,
for I am holy; and you shall not defile your souls with any creeping thing that
creeps on earth”.
Thus the Torah is very explicit, that by abstaining from forbidden foods we
sanctify ourselves, and by laxity in this field, we, G-d forbid, defile our souls.

Forbidden foods dull a person's intellect, clog his heart and soul, thereby
causing him to entertain evil thoughts, leading him to apostasy and disbelief, and
eventually he will stumble upon serious transgressions.
The words of the Holy Rabbi Hillel Kolomayer Ztk’l are well known (Bet
Hillel siman 48, 9): “You should know that the sin of eating Nevelot and Terefot is
much graver than other sins…And our Sages say that the reason why young
children die, G-d forbid, is because of this sin of eating forbidden foods, therefore
pity your children and don’t destroy them, Chas ve Shalom”
It’s also known what the Zohar ha Kadosh (Parashat Shemini) writes on this
matter: That to eat forbidden foods is just as serving idols and the person is
punished forever and loses his portion in the world to come.
In matters of Kashrut the problem is more serious than with other matters
as the author of Shne Luchot ha Brit wrote that the body of the person that
stumbles upon forbidden foods changes its nature into a dirty and impure thing

1 - Why are you writing this book?
At first look you may wonder why we are writing on the situation of the
Shechita in The United States and the world in general, aren’t there many great
Rabbonim and people fearful of Hashem in many cities and for sure the Shechita
today is better than what it could have been back in Europe, and the Shochatim
today are well versed and know the laws and have Yirat Shamaim. And if ever
there were any problems with the Shechita in past years it has already been
corrected by now so basically we should have nothing to worry about.

We feel compelled to let everyone knows, everyone who cares for his life
and that of his household, let him be wary of the excuses many times heard on
the street when people start talking about the problems of Kashrut of meat. Some
of the excuses are:
All the problems occur in other communities or in other countries but not
here in our community.
All the problems have been already fixed.
All the Great Rabbonim are careful to check all the details.
How can it be that everybody is eating Nevelot and terefot?

We must warn the public that not only is the situation not better than what it
was in Europe in the distant past but it’s many times worse with the problems
growing more severe with the passing of time.
The foundation of the laws of Kashrut is the Shechita and all other
problems when compared to those of Shechita are minimal. When the shechita is
not Kosher, we run the risk of eating Nevelot and Terefot, also we run the risk of
eating the blood of the animal and we run the risk of eating forbidden fats
(Chelev) and you surely know that the punishment for eating blood or Chelev is
Karet (Same as eating on Yom Kippur or eating Chametz on Passover and the
punishment consists on untimely death and that the soul is cut off from the world
to Come, G-d forbid).
There are many pitfalls that occur in the Shechita, and they occur even in
the Shechitot that are more careful and observant, and it’s the same whether it’s a
shechita for large animals or for fowl. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that the
Shechita from which you eat doesn’t have any problems.
As it is known the main problem today with the process of slaughtering is
the great quantities that are slaughtered. In an average day a thousand animals
and tens of thousands of fowl are slaughtered in a single place.
The owners of the Slaughterhouses are businesspeople whose sole
objective is to make profits the more the better, and this is normal for that’s why
they are in business. Problem is that speed efficiency and profits don’t go hand in
hand with Kashrut observance. To increase profits and output, you must decrease
carefulness and hence Kashrut compliance.

We know our work will not bring us any honor. And we also know that
the meat mafia will not sit idly with their arms folded. They strive to silence
anyone who dares speak about the problems of the Shechita. Dear Jews: Don’t let yourselves be fooled!!!

There’s no need to find fault on the Rabbonim who know about the
problems of Shechita yet keep silent. They do so for they worry for their lives and
the lives of their loved ones.
We beseech the L-rd, to cast our lot with those who lead the public to
righteousness, and perhaps we, too, will benefit by it. We appeal to everyone to
read this book, for we have added nothing original; it is based only of the works
of the saints of yesteryear. May their words permeate the hearts of us all. Amen

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