Wednesday, July 4, 2012

This Is What Our Mothers Used To Look Like

This is what our mothers used to look like...
Woe to us, look to where we have gotten?! 

This flyer is part of a series on modesty that has been widely distributed all over Israel. Many of them include quotes of some of our greatest Gedolim and Tzaddikim on the subject of modesty.
More to come G-d willing.

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  1. Yehoshua Goldstein,
    I understand that you are trying to get the point across that the women in our generation do not dress tzniusly and that the women of other, older generations dressed tzniusly. You have done that.
    The problem is when I (and other women) read this blog and see the flavor in which this idea is expressed, it turns us off. How?
    With all due respect and yes, an understanding that tznius is very very important, it sounds like you are wagging a finger and judging the Bas Yisroel.
    In order to influence women- especially women whom do not dress tzniusly, you and others need to inspire them. When articles like this come out they go the other way. It's too heavy and leaves them feeling as though they will never be able to live up to your standards. They internalize this to be Hashem's standard, too- that he is unapproachable. I hear you on the idea, it's the "welcome to Judaism" that needs to be reworked.
    What do you think? again, no disrespect. Just coming at this subject from the aspect of the formerly unaffiliated.

  2. I really try not to judge anyone, who am I anyways. The problem is, many of us have been fed a lot of false information about what Tzniut really is, and the purpose of all these fliers is just to say, "Look how we used to dress." It is then up to each person to make their own heshbon and figure out what they want to do with the way they dress.
    By the way, did you read the articl I linked to, I don't think it is attacking at all. And it even applies to men as well as women.

  3. I want to say if you notice in the photo the women are not waring black. They have on soft cotton skirts of probably lighter colors,Also they have shawles and their scarves seem to be tied under their chin as a temporary covering. I would like to see more photo's of religious women from that time period. The reason is I want to design and make skirts and tops for myself and others which would be deemed correct Tzniut. I would love to make them available for all women in Israel so find me some more photo's Please.

  4. I don't know if my response made it to you, Y. Goldstein. If not it is the title of the article and the all out oppressive look to the garments.
    Ariela, maybe I am not so wonderful, yet I cannot imagine anyone designing this "look" It doe snot look soft- it looks hot as anything in the cold or heat outside. It looks like one is covering up their individuality, To be honest, it looks like the Muslim way of dress yet the Jewish version of it. I don't think the fact that it is not black can down play that.
    Look, to each his own, yet I am turned off by it. It seems forced and lacking in the pleasure of being an individual. I am not knocking the women's tznius heaven forbid or anything holy, it's just something that I look at and cannot identify with.
    No disrespect- just an open, honest answer and an appreciation to be able to write it here with acceptance. Thank you very much. Kol tov to both of you.

  5. Leah, as you can see there have been no other photo's published, why? Because if you look at the older photo's available even ancient photo's they do not add up to this one particular photo. The reason is. One this was probably taken on an erv of a holiday. two, women did not consistently dress like this. Only the Russian pilgrims dressed this way. If you look the photo up online you will not only see the women at the wall you will see other women.One of which has more of a Moroccan look to he dress or dutch maybe. I believe there is a way to make outfits or skirts for women with today's material which is cool and modest. and very comfortable. I personally look for a dress/skirt which gives me room to walk, length to bend over, and coverage which flows and air can circulate within the garment with enough versatility it can be individualized to the my likes/ taste... So I will make my own. Also like you Leah I am turned off by the woman bashing but I do see the point. When women walk the streets in Ertz Israel wearing spandex and bubble gum wrappers some simple use paint. It is a sad state. Kol tov to you too. P.S> I am still waiting on the pictures. I doubt you will be able to produce any which is sad too. Because women have been blacked out of history.

  6. I'm not happy about the spandex pencil skirts and stiletto heels for Torah Jews either. I don't know how they justify it. Their tops are spandex and the outline of their entire body is revealed in this clothing. The clothing is painted on.It's a chillul Hashem. Give me a full skirt I can take long strides in, sit in and not worry my knickers will show.

  7. Visit It has all the clothing you need to be modest al pi halacha.