Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Clearest Sign of The End of Days


Rabbi Abba said, "There is no clearer sign of the End of Days than this verse: But you, O mountains of Israel, will give forth your branches and yield your fruit to My people Israel, for they are soon to come (Yecheskel 36:8)." (Sanhedrin 98a)
Rashi explains, "When Eretz Yisrael gives forth its fruit in abundance the end will be near, and there is no clearer sign of the End of Days."
I recently read an article which makes a prediction based on what the Zohar says regarding a certain formation of stars as a key time of the redemption process.
Here is a link to the article for you to take a look at, also read down a few of the comments where a lot more is explained.
If you are skeptical, I actually just got off the phone with the Admor of Holmin, Rav Shalom Yehuda Gross, where I specifically verified some of the things the article mentioned. Here is a summary of our conversation.
When I asked the Rav about the 60 day period beginning with the certain star formation, he replied, "Yes, yes, it's all written in the Zohar." he then went on to tell me that Rav Kaduri zt"l had said that this year (5772) on Tisha B'Av was going to be the revelation of the Mashiach. He then began telling me that there is a very strong battle that he is involved in right now against the Erev Rav, and he said that they are getting set to make a huge amount of trouble for us right now. He said it will not be a simple situation, but he is heavily waging war with them right now.
So there you have it, I strongly suggest reading the above article including the comments (specifically the ones by Dov Bar-Leib) and you will understand much better what is to be going on in this next short period of time.
If you can get to Israel, that would be a very wise move, and if not, make sure you are praying to Hashem and reading a bit of Zohar everyday.
I also foud this article below explaining a possible False Flag biological terror attack that may be in the works for the USA.
Just watch out when they start pushing those Anthrax vaccines...
May we be worthy of receiving the Torah in holiness and purity and soon be worthy of welcoming the Mashiach, amen.


  1. Did you pay any attention to the video on the site you recommended? At 6 minutes into the video the person speaking accuses Rahm Emanuel and his brother of planning some kind of Zionist takeover in Chicago.


  2. I have always wondered whether the war with Armilus would be spiritual or would it also involve bloodshed, G-d forbid. Then he showed up. Instead of ARMiLus, think ARMiLuT, with a hard tav. Rearrange a couple of letters and you get OLMeRT, the last prince of the Erev Rav according to Medrash Sefer Eliyahu. And then I saw Amona. And yes there was blood spilled in Amona with all those goosestepping horses and police with billyclubs, there was bloodshed. G-d forbid if we have more of it this summer. May we be saved from such a spectacle.

  3. My husband and I would like to make Aliyah. We are looking into it and it is not easy. It is always in our hearts and minds. My husband's father just went back into the hospital not two hours ago. It is not easy. Rabbi Pinshas Winston has said that if one cannot necessarily get to EY fo rthe miriad of reasons that exist, then at least pray and long for it. I do not wish to have the materialism that many claim is preventing us from going. Day to day struggles are evident and I am not clinging to materialism. It is a process that is not overnight, yet we are keeping it as a definite option that just not this very second. My husband went on the aliyah concention/conference for a second time and inquired about many things( parnossoh, apt.'s etc.....

  4. Leah , Please just leave all behind and come, there are doctors here amazing doctors.... My husband who has been suffering from a cronic problem for 13 yrs come here to EY, and the doctor looked him in the eye and said we can cure you... B"H
    So Leah to tell you more and hope encourage you to come, WE sold everything the move took everything.. and we are here with 4 children while leaving a daughter and her family with grandchildren behind in the US (may HaShem make a way for them too). Is it easy? no. Yet we have peace and security in HaShem. We keep reminding ourselves anything worth having including EY, is not without effort, pain, trial and perseverance,and for Aliyah you must have Emmuna. May HaShem bless you to make it home sooner rather than later.
    Shalom from Tveria Israel Ariela

  5. Thank you for your inspiring words, Ariela. Yes, I have confidence that Israel is our home and I'mirtze Hashem we will get there sooner rather than later.

  6. בחלום נגלה הרב כדורי והבבא סאלי אמרו לה this is proof its true

  7. To Moriah, it's probably true.

    To Leah, prayer is the only way to go. May Hashem bless you to succeed. Also, do not fear anything, Hashem is always protecting us from our enemies and His salvation can come in the blink of an eye.