Monday, March 5, 2012

The Geula Depends on the Learning of the Zohar

It is known to all that the sefer HaZohar of the G-dly Tanna Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai, may his merit protect us, breaks through thousands and tens of thousands of worlds, passes through the Serafim, Ofanim, Chashmalim and Chayot Hakodesh, all the way up to the Holy One Blessed Be He, Who delights with it, builds new worlds with it and has mercy on our world because of it.

See what the Gaon HaChida writes about the Zohar:
The learning of the Zohar is exalted above any other study, even if one does not understand a word he is saying.

The "Kisse Melech" says:
The simple reading of the Zohar alone builds new upper worlds.

Eliyahu Hanavi of Blessed memory said this to Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai:
When this sefer of the Zohar is revealed to the world in the final generation, the Jews will be redeemed from their exile.

Moshe Rabenu said this to Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai:
The brilliant ones (those who learn the Zohar) will shine like the radiance of the Heavens and with this book of yours, the sefer HaZohar, they will not need to experience any difficulties. (That is to say, they will not have to endure the birth pains of the Mashiach) And in the future, when Yisrael will taste from the Tree of Life, which is this sefer HaZohar, they will be redeemed from their exile with mercy.

Rebbe Chaim Vital writes in a letter:
Behold, the learning of Zohar arouses mercy and the spirit of the Mashiach, and it reveals and builds the Beit Hamikdash and allows Israel to dwell securely, and one who studies it will certainly not suffer any of the birth pains of the Mashiach. Therefore, we the rabbis and chachamim of the holy city of Jerusalem as well as it's Battei Dinim have aroused ourselves to establish learning of the Zohar both in Israel and in Chutz LaAretz in order to complete 1000 siyumim of the Zohar.
Therefore, we are calling out to you, our brothers, rabbis and chachamim, merchants, workers and baalei batim, strengthen yourselves to take part in this with us. The weak one must say I am strong. Know that it is your Father in Heaven who purifies you and every word of the Zohar that is read builds thousands and tens of thousands of worlds in the Heavens

We all know the dangerous situation that we are currently in (both physically and spiritually), and no one knows what each new day will bring.
Who is not afraid of a nuclear bomb from Iran?
Moshe Rabbenu, Eliyahu Hanavi and Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai may peace be upon them, have all said that with the sefer HaZohar we will be redeemed from our exile with mercy. Only those who read the Zohar will enter into the 'Noach's Ark' of our generation which is the Holy Zohar.

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Rebbe Shimon's Promise
"In the future, when Am Yisrael will merit to taste from the Tree of Life which is this book of the Zohar, they will be redeemed from their exile with mercy" (Zohar parashat Nasso).

Therefore, the best advice to sweeten the birth pains before the coming of the Moshiach is to read the holy Zohar. It is fitting to be read by men, women and children and it has the ability to purify the body and soul as well as cancel any harsh decrees that may be upon Am Yisrael even if one does not understand a word they are reading.

Rebbe Shimon is fitting to be relied upon in a time of great need.

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