Sunday, June 10, 2012

The End of The Road


The separation between holiness and unholiness is getting clearer and clearer for all to see. It is getting easier and easier to spot the Erev Rav and their evil desires for money and honor while at the same time trying to destroy any holiness amongst Am Yisrael. Baruch Hashem, at the same time, there are many who are waking up and fighting back with increased holiness and cleansing of any impurities.
The world is set for war and things are crashing all around. Those who are awake know this clearly and those who are asleep are still sleeping.
They have succeeded tremendously in getting most of us to become human Zombies as the article linked below will illustrate...
We wanted a generation afraid of silence; suspicious of contemplation. We succeeded there too.
Rebbe Nachman teaches us that the main thing in these times of Moshiach is emuna, and the main way to get emuna is by talking to G-d. Asking Him to help us and guide us, this is the best way out, because as the article below will explain, even those of us who think we are 'awake' are really just asleep in another level of their evil programming.
Only finding Hashem is being awake.
As for internet and emails, it is all a waste of time and just another way for them to attack our holiness and put us to sleep. We must remove this evil thing from our midst.
Those who are already awake need to just work on saving themselves with real tefilla and teshuva. Kedusha is our main protection from what's to come. With holiness, Hashem will be in our midst protecting us and fighting all of our battles. Get rid of anything that contains even the tiniest bit of unholiness in it, clothing, books, gadgets, internet, etc.
Modesty and shmirat einayim will help sensitize us to holiness and will help us in filtering out all the falsehood and impurity. Also, be carefuil what information you allow into your head, for as Rebbe Natan writes, the mind of a person is the main person. We must pray to be worthy of finding true G-d fearing teachers to help guide us on this final road.
Beware of the wig wearing immodest dressing women, they are a trap set to ensnare you. 
Remember that your retirement home after this world is nothing more that a wood box, and your body will be nothing more than food for the maggots and worms. Start working toward the eternal end which awaits your soul. Read the article below and then do yourselves a big favor by throwing the computer and television and i-phone in the garbage.
If you are still waiting for things to get better in chutz laaretz, I have news for you, things will never get better out there. You are fighting a loosing battle, give it up and get over here right away, it may soon be too late to get out. The Shechina is fast on its way out of there and there is hardly anything left to hold on to before it all sinks down. It's all an illusion out there soon to fade away.
I am not saying my own words, I have heard this from several Tzaddikim here in Eretz Yisrael, and if you have a few minutes between your Television programming, text messaging and facebooking, you might want to pick it up and read it in the Tanach for yourself.
If you want a real study program, read some Tanach, then Rebbe Nachmans stories and then some Zohar everyday.
Best of luck and hope to be dancing soon at the Third Temple, may it be soon, Amen.


  1. Yes, that novel excerpt is scary.My husband and I have been looking into Aliyah (I emailed a little while back- a few weeks ago.) I appreciate your call to duty.

  2. i appreciate your blog and do look forward to reading your views. as a noahide of more than 20 years, i am also very attached to breslov and chabad and there are rabbis there personally helping me throughout, all this would have been impossible if not for the internet. where i live, there are no jews, syngs or anything jewish. yet today, Hashem has allowed the light of the torah to reach the darkest places on earth. ofcourse we should avoid the wrong side of the net. thanks for an inspiring article.