Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sponsor the Reading of the Entire Zohar Hakadosh


Rebbe Shimon is fitting to rely upon for any situation. He promises that his book (The Zohar) will bring the redemption with mercy and has the ability to cancell any and all harsh decrees that may be upon Am Yisrael (G-d forbid).
Sponsor the reading of the entire Zohar Hakadosh for a yartzeit, parnassa, shidduch, refuah, teshuva, or for the merit of all of Am Yisrael.
18000 shekels or $5000 (100% of your donation will go directly to the person who will be reading the Zohar on your behalf, payments can be made over one year).
Email or cal 02-992-3264 for more details.

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